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Warm welcome from KOFALT  GLOBAL!

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to KOFALT! Thank you for taking out your precious time to visit our website.  English has been gaining importance for global communication. It is no longer just a literary language but a language of opportunities. Sarah Cadwell once quoted "learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful for what you did", and I truly agree with these lines since I feel that learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.  The demand for learning effective communicative English has never been so great as it is today. It is interesting to note that during the last two or three decades English for communicative purposes has not been confined to elite group of the society. It is because spoken English is considered as a passport for a guaranteed success in life. Learning spoken English does not mean parrot like repeating some crammed sentences. It means acquiring a skill to generate and use all the skills namely reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary in ever changing life situations. How much time is actually needed by an individual to be able to communicate confidently and naturally in different situations of life, is difficult to say. It differs from person to person and from situation to situation. Learning a language takes time, patience and perseverance. There are no quick fixes or magic bullets. I think this has to be accepted. Children to fulfill your language dream, you need to be focused and motivated, set some goals and make these goals smart. I have extracted few points which I feel all language learners should follow. How to keep yourself motivated:

1) Don't miss the opportunity to pick up new words and check their meanings.

2) Do make sure you have access to a dictionary.

3) Perfect your spoken ability by telling a joke or a story.

4) Do go over the days's lesson. Make a note of everything you don't understand and don't    hesitate to ask your teacher in the next session.

5) Do watch T.V in English - Write down all the reports of various channels whether it is a   discovery channel or a news channel. Watching English T.V is another way of learning    yourself.

6) Start maintaining a learner's diary this will not only upgrade your language but will also be    an interesting and personal way to make a record of your learning.

7) Feel confident to converse in English with whomsoever you meet.

8) Go through a book everyday and reveal its story to your parents or to your friends. You    can also record your voice.

Children, I would like to recommend you all to enjoy your learning experience because something you enjoy and is absorbed in will be both successful and valuable. What I am suggesting you is to fall in love with your subject since when we are immersed in a task or topic, we are really interested in, we often become its scholar without realising its time period taken. So throw jokes, stories etc. on your friends and enjoy every moment. The language development often happens by osmosis.

Remember :

Setting goals that are smart, being honest with yourself and sticking to the plans will set you well on your way to reach your dream. Don't forget to "Pat yourself on the back". When things go well it drives your motivation.  KOFALT encourages all to provide us with feedback and comments as we make progress.

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