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Thank you for evincing your interest in KOFALT GLOBAL Programmes.

KOFALT GLOBAL is a Trade Mark Registered Company, having its office at BG-3, 54/D, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063

KOFALT GLOBAL is a Fun and a convenient way to “Learn English Grammar” and other Soft- Skills. By simplifying complex grammar subjects, KOFALT GLOBAL is a great teaching tool for school children. KOFALT GLOBAL has designed a novel method which gives its students a clear idea of grammatical structure and students are able to correlate the teaching of grammar with the teaching of composition. KOFALT GLOBAL has paid special attention while forming modules of Grammar Course as well as Viva Voce and the student starts creating good paragraphs, develops imaginative skills and becomes a vocabulary master. Each chapter is followed by a range of exercises to drill the concepts. Special Action Words and Phrasal Words are introduced in each module along with their usage in writing skills.

While going through various stages of spoken English Programme children play games,discuss about family and friends, their favourite programmes,do situational conversations and further do alien party,ghost party or fairy party types activities. All such activities not only develop an interest and love for language but give children high vocabulary for effective communication.

KOFALT GLOBAL has designed projector Education Programme which would support your teachers to teach children in an exceptional and skillful manner. This Projector Education is not only for Grammar but for spoken English and phonics too.

For Phonics KOFALT has developed a unique approach to teach reading to 4 to 8 years olds. KOFALT has made a small KOFALT-LAND of alphabets who live happily together. These happy friends give speedy access to all 44 sounds and their major spellings. The result is that reading becomes easy and fun to remember!KOFALTLAND is a place where children land in a place full of fun and short movies to teach various sounds.We at KOFALT-LAND follow three methods of teaching reading to our kids.Structured Stories where you bring letters to life in your classroom and explain their sounds and word formation in a fun manner, glide n slide trick and elastic band trick.

KLOUD ABACUS, THE BEST ABACUS IN INDIA, assures each child a success by grooming his/her intelligence and know how, through special books of BRAIN TRAIN, along with the necessary books of abacus at each level. We, as a group, offer these knowledge in many states of India. True, we do this as a business. And we are profitable. But our best returns have been the joy we see in children who have mastered the programme and who benefit from this in every walk of life. Every child is Intelligent, every child is gifted, we just need to unwrap their packages. If there is a difference in performance, it is only because of the tools a child has, or doesn't have. And such tools should not be only affordable but widely and easily available. This system can be learnt by any child and with little effort. Give your school children the best tool provided by us.







 OUTSTANDING COURSE MATERIALS:  KOFALT GLOBAL offers the following unparalleled and supreme benefits: KOFALT GLOBAL offers a distinctive course material in supplement children education programmes, in terms of content, quality and cost. This makes you the most recognized service provider. 

 STUDENT FRIENDLY PROGRAMMES:  We all understand that teachers are teaching efficaciously & expertly in schools, but children as well as parents these days demand programmes of international levels and feel that the teaching methodology should be student friendly. Along with this they need high quality student friendly study material which is lacking in the books of N.C.E.R.T. & is a big challenge that different schools have to face these days. KOFALT GLOBAL is one such programme that will satisfy your child and your parent's requirements in quality, content and cost by 110%.

 PEP MATERIAL:  The innovative concept and a new methodology of study adds to the delight of teachers by providing ease and convenience of teaching to the students. KOFALT GLOBAL team has evolved excellent training tools in the form of PEP Material, which is a boon for the teachers. This supports the teachers updated, ensuring quality training to students at any point of time. 

 24 x 7 LEARNING:  KOFALT GLOBAL has modernized the learning for students by offering LOG IN ID'S  to students giving great convenience to teachers  and students Student's Panel, Franchise Panel and Web Portal Services adds to a cheerful experience of students and facilitates easy operations for the franchise. 

ECONOMIC:  KOFALT GLOBAL  is affordable for all the students as it is cost-effective and gives value for money. The programmes of KOFALT GLOBAL have been so customised that all teachers of India can easily opt for any programme according to his/her financials. There are some programmes with franchisee fee and some are without franchisee fee & some others are only take away kits.






Training teachers is the key to success for KOFALT GLOBAL  programmes. We provide a Login ID to teachers and they can take training easily session by session. They can enhance their skills by taking repetitive training sessions.

The duration of all training sessions  for any level is  normally four to five days.

Refresher trainings are conducted periodically to help teachers update themselves on the knowledge and developments.

This enables the teachers to deliver best to their students.

Apart from this, the various other types of training provided to the franchises for their successful running of business are: 

 Office Management Training: For properly maintaining the records of students, parents, enquiries etc. 

 Marketing Training: To help promote business in the local areas both online and offline 

 Portal training:  To manage all the routine and daily business operations and communications with ease.


As a KOFALT GLOBAL franchisee, you procure  finest and unparalleled  services and support, and we are committed to provide the same. These services includes

PORTAL BENEFIT : The franchisee benefits from the Portal system, through which we offer convenience, in managing a paperless office and saving the Manpower Cost

The various options available to the franchisees in the Portal system are:

  • Manage all business operations online
  • Technical support backed by years of research and development
  • Update Profile, center details and faculty details
  • Raise a complaint directly to the concerned departments
  • Register trainers and students and track their progress
  • Track the dispatch status of the franchise kit
  • Update parents  of their children’s performance
  • Online training
  • Get Training Updates
  • Online Certification
  • Online orders
  • Online Billings etc.


 All Time Support KOFALT GLOBALT offers All Time Support to the Franchisees for any issues, and makes certain that it is resolved within 24 hrs. This can be done directly by communicating to the concerned departments like Stock Department, Marketing Department, Training Department, and Post Franchise Department etc.

 Post Franchise Operations Department: Our specialized Post Franchise Operations Department is responsible to grow our Franchisee from a seed to plant. The major services include Online training, Course Training, , Certification and Material Dispatches etc. 

 Post Franchise Department: provides long-term support and constantly updates the franchises about the latest developments, facilitates the franchise to conduct demos and various activities to promote their business.

 Personalized Page On Website: The Franchise gets a dynamic  Personalized Page On Website that helps a franchisee to promote  business online over the internet platform and also on the social networks like facebook, LinkedIn and twitter etc. It is beneficial for driving traffic and converting the prospective into customers. 

 Franchisee kit: The kit contains- Teachers Manuals,Training books, Marketing tools like counseling folder, flex, pamphlets, visiting cards, and other promotional material to promote business in the local area. 

 Training Kit: The Kit contains all the materials for the teachers training. The training kit includes course materials in the form of manuals, books as well as DVDs to get efficien understanding about the subject to be taught to the students.








Why KOFALT GLOBAL Franchise?

KOFALT GLOBAL is one of the foremost global leaders in supplemental education. More than ten thousand children in India and overseas have benefited from the KOFALT GLOBAL Programmes.

In an increasingly competitive world, academic achievement is at the forefront of parents’ priorities for their children.As a premier supplemental education and enrichment program, KOFALT GLOBAL offers a competitive franchise opportunity for its partners with its effective programmes



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