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Viva - Voce Spoken English


Last six months went by quickly. I still remember very well when I enrolled my two children in KOFALT. I would like to thank KOFALT that provided a quality education environment to my children. Both my children were struggling academically because of their weak grammar and limited vocabulary. As they didn't speak English, KOFALT offered them a new technique. Now, I feel proud to say that my children have improved themselves a lot and try to speak in English.


- Mrs. Bindoo Sangal

(Mother of Arnav Sangal, Class-V)

We find the programmes under KOFALT GLOBAL more structured, beautifully designed and interesting for children to do than courses at other places. We can see improvement in my daughter's reading and writing skills and would highly recommend each parent to enroll their child with  KOFALT. KOFALT provides a quality education in form of student friendly modules Level wise. The day to day schedule already designed helps students to progress in stages, allowing them to develop English language proficiency. It is different !

- Mrs. Alpana Aneja

(Mother of Ramyaa & Radyaa, Class-IV & VII)

I registered my daughter with KOFALT GLOBAL.The sessions and materials are easy to understand. The pictures on each page make the programme more lively and presentable. Our daughter is studying in KOFALT and we have found a drastic change in her understanding the language better. Now she is able to take out the answers of science and social studies on her own because of her improvement in understanding the sentences, besides she has started speaking fluently with us. KOFALT GLOBAL is a programme with a difference!

- Mr. & Mrs. Bansal

(Grandparents of Nimay Bansal, Class-V)

After enrolling my grand daughter with KOFALT GLOBAL, I have noticed that the level of English improved tremendously in my grand daughter. Now she can write beautiful paragraphs, her creativity in writing has improved since she learned lots of new words from KOFALT which we could not have taught, if she had not joined KOFALT. Her speaking skills are improving day by day. Her teacher has taken her in debate competition in which she always wanted to participate but due to poor speaking skills she could not get a chance. Now we are thrilled to see her smiles when she prepares for the competition, 

I have great regards for KOFALT GLOBAL.

- Mrs. Lata Gandhi

(Mother of Falak Gandhi, Class-V)



Hi I am SOMA BASU. I am a certified KOFALT GLOBAL teacher for last three years conducting classes in Delhi at shipra sun city. After few months I thought of joining company KOFALT GLOBAL and I entered into the world of edupreneurship. My meeting with vibha mam  generated a kind of feeling in me that I was one step ahead of others. Training sessions by KOFALT gave me a new methodology to teach each chapter We, in training sessions are directed to give strong inputs to children so that their outputs are strong. It is for the first time I have seen that children are able to correlate the teaching of grammar with the teaching of composition. When I think, where do I laugh the most,  answer is with my KOFALTchildren , where do I just feel good all the time answer reflects immediately in my KOFALT  classroom.

I am so glad to be a KOFALT franchisee!!

- Soma Basu

(Shipra Sun City, Delhi)

I am privileged to say that I am the first franchisee of KOFALT GLOBAL and kofalt is my family now.My long association with KOFALT GLOBAL has made me realize that teachers are teaching efficaciously & expertly in schools, but children as well as parents these days demand programmes of international levels and feel that the teaching methodology should be student friendly. Along with this they need high quality student friendly study material which is lacking in the books of N.C.E.R.T. & is a big challenge that different schools have to face these days.KOFALT GLOBAL is one such programme that will satisfy your child and your parent’s requirements in quality, content and cost by 110%. you know there is no other joy  like the joy of teaching a student and seeing him achieve such success and growth in his life I would just say if you are thinking of joining KOFALT GLOBAL don’t give it a second thought for this opportunity and just go for it..

- Ms. Bharti Gupta

(Centre Head. Noida)

In my long journey of KOFALT GLOBAL .I remember, when I was searching for an English course for my town, I had scanned around 10 courses, and could not find anyone apt for even my kids, what to say for business. The vast grammar and well structured programme has been beautifully compiled in Smart Board Education form and the books are so interesting which make the kids attract towards them which otherwise is very challenging. Thanks a lot "Vibha mam" for sharing the crux of your years of hard work with us. I would suggest each parent to take the benefit of the programmes under KOFALT GLOBAL.

- Mr. & Mrs. Singh

(Centre Head, Malviya Nagar)

Hi! I am a proud KOFALT GLOBAL Franchisee. We very well understand that Education sector  is on its peak This is the need of the dayI I gave up my job and joined hands with KOFALT GLOBAL With great teaching efficiency and passion towards teaching I opened up my centre at Santa cruz in Mumbai. My decision to be a dedicated teacher of KOFALT has given me lot of new techniques to provide quality education t0 children. During our training sessions we are instructed to give each child enough opportunities to participate in class. The freedom of speech given to children brings fruitful results and we find a great difference in children. KOFALT GLOBAL is a programme with a  difference and a better learning.

- Ms. Sunita Bhaiya

(Centre Head, Raipur, Chattisgarh)


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